Single Width Alloy Tower 0.90M x 2.50M

£70.00 First 24 Hours Per Week

Easy to erect, strong, lightweight and sturdy range of 0.85 wide alloy towers. Conforms to all current health and safety requirements.

Features & benefits
  • 0.90m x 2.50m
  • Platform Height 1.2m, 2.2m, 3.2m, 4.2m, 5.2m, 6.2m, 7.2m, 8.2m, 9.2m, 10.2m, 11.2m, 12.2m
  • Please note: Minimum one week hire
Platform Height Width Length Price / Per Week
1.2m 0.85m 1.80m £70.00
2.2m 0.90m 1.80m £70.00
3.2m 0.90m 1.80m £80.00
4.2m 0.90m 1.80m £90.00
5.2m 0.90m 1.80m £110.00
6.2m 0.90m 1.80m £130.00
7.2m 0.90m 1.80m £150.00
8.2m 0.90m 1.80m £170.00
9.2m 0.90m 1.80m £190.00
10.2m 0.90m 1.80m £210.00
11.2m 0.90m 1.80m £230.00
12.2m 0.90m 1.80m £250.00
Product ID: mac0107
To hire, please call 01260 299751